A Tutorial to Start Writing on Medium

What exactly is Medium and why should I write on it?

Medium is two things. A platform and a publisher.

What should I write?

One of the great things about Medium is that you can write about anything. Anything. And you don’t have to niche so far down that you never write outside your pet topic.

How often should I write?

You probably mean publish. You should write every day. I firmly believe that. Touch your work for even a few minutes a day, and see what happens. You’ll knock your own socks off.

How will I be paid?

To be paid for writing on Medium, you need to sign up for the Partnership Program. To do that, you’ll have to have a Stripe account you can link up to.

I’m convinced. Now what?

Join the Medium Partnership Program.

Step one is to get signed up for the Medium Partnership Program. Visit this Medium help topic for exact directions on how to do that.Join the Partner ProgramEnrolling to the Medium Partner Program is the first step to earning revenue on your Medium stories To join the Medium…help.medium.com

Figure out the curation learning curve.

Curation is the difference between being a hobby writer on Medium and writing like a professional.

Plan your first post.

You’re ready! It’s time to pick a topic and plan your first post.

Write and publish it!

Write your post. Simple, right?

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