Tips to Getting More Followers for Your Blog

Tons of bloggers are discouraged when they first begin because no matter how much they post, they just can’t seem to build their website traffic. If you’re in this boat, you need to think outside the box. With so much online, you’ll need tactics much more creative than social media to increase site traffic.

No worries. Here are 8 ways to increase your blog traffic:

1. Mention your site in Facebook groups

Facebook has plenty of groups exclusively for bloggers to display their sites. To participate, you will need to review and discuss other people’s blog posts as well, in addition to mentioning your own blog. In exchange, you will get other people to view your site.

You can also join Facebook groups for “niche” subjects that you cover your blog topic. In Facebook groups, there’s no guarantee that others will discuss your posts, but if you write good content that they like, then you might gain new subscribers.

2. Display your content in blog forums

Blog forums are sites in which members discuss things related to blogging, such as ways to grow subscribe lists and blog monetization. Many forums encourage members to mention their blog posts and discuss each other’s blogs, similar to Facebook groups.

This link contains an extensive list of blogging forums that are good for promoting blogs. Try joining one or two that encourage promotion of your blog.

3. Participate in link parties

A link party (also called a linkup or a linky) is an event on the internet that typically happens weekly, in which bloggers are encouraged to discuss and share their blogs as well as discuss other people’s blogs. Link parties are typically hosted by people with huge followings, and they often have a set theme. The blogger will set aside a page on their site for the party and open it for making posts at a specific time.

Link parties, much like the first 2 ideas, involve sharing website traffic with other people who blog. This article discusses more details on link parties, including the proper way to attend them.

4. Write guest posts for industry blogs

Create a list of well-known blogs dedicated to the industry you cover on your blog. Then contact their editorial staff to pitch a guest post that you could write for them.

“I’ve created a following for my content by offering contributions as a guest writer on popular blogs in my industry,” Chris Brantner, founder of, said to Marketing Insider. “My blog is centered around watching TV when you don’t have cable. I’ve discovered that there are cord cutting products that have websites with neglected blogs. I offer content to them and in exchange receive exposure in the process. It’s a win-win situation.”

Writing guest posts for blogs that are popular allows you to tap into the audience of that blog and direct part of their traffic to your own blog. Guest posts also offer a great link building opportunity, so remember to add a link or two to your own site in the guest post.

5. Swap guest posts

If you have blogging friends, or have connected with other bloggers online, reach out and offer to do a guest post swap with them—you write for their blog, and vice versa.

Although you might not have as much traffic, exchanging posts with someone you know is easier than trying to get a guest post with someone popular in the industry. But remember: to only guest post for good quality blogs, and only allow quality material on your site as well. Quality is of the utmost importance when you’re attempting to grow an audience.

6. Invite experts to guest post for you

Having an expert from your industry write a post for you is just as effective as writing a guest post for someone else. Hopefully, your guest will share the post on their social media, and link to it with their site. This lets you to tap into their following and create connections.

Having someone you respect as a guest will boost the authority and legitimacy of your blog. This increases the rate of return of first time readers who recognize your guest writer.

7. Write a “round-up” post

A “round-up” post is one that includes a list of links to other content. As an example, you might write a round-up titled, “My Five Favorite Blogs on Food.” When you create content in this format, you should contact the bloggers running those blogs and inform them that you featured them. Hopefully, they will include your post on their social media, or refer to it on their website.

This method and the one mentioned in number six are referred to as “ego baiting”—appealing to the ego of another to get them to mention your content.

8. Feature readers on your blog

Featuring readers is a way to thank loyal subscribers, encouraging them continue to return, and encouraging them to share your blog with others. One of the easiest methods for featuring readers in your blog is to create a post which highlights their most insightful comments about you and your content.

You could also create a Q and A, which stimulates reader involvement. Announce the Q and A, gather questions, and publish a blog post with your responses to the best questions.

If any of your readers are particularly interesting, you can contact them and ask if they are would like to be interviewed. You can post the interview as a podcast or a transcript.

As you probably noticed, you don’t have to spend a dime to implement any of these strategies. They only require time and dedication. To increase traffic, you don’t need to spend money; all you need is the willingness to step outside your comfort zone.

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