Open-Source Projects to Impress Your Interviewer: Real-Time Animation


Doing open-source projects in data science to build a portfolio of skills is a good way to become more competitive as an applicant to get hired as a data scientist. One fascinating open-source data science topic is that of computer vision.


Here’s the link to an example of this topic:

This, as the name suggests, let’s us perform image animation in real-time using OpenCV. Here’s an image of the project in action:


This data science machine learning model mimics the expression of someone in front of a camera and alters the image based on the expression of the person in front of the camera. The project is a wonderful application of computer vision and a project we shall hopefully try. This type of project will have many, many use cases in industry, from retail and fashion to ads and marketing.

You must understand how to use PyTorch beforehand if interested in using this by yourself. If necessary, please read getting started with PyTorch guide to understand PyTorch before using it. PyTorch will enhance a resume in data science a lot and impress interviewers.

The original developer was nice to provide open source for the code and this Colab notebook. Have fun experimenting with it to your heart’s content. It’s the best method for learning.

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