Reasons for Integration with Microsoft Power BI

As projects in healthcare and their needs are constantly shifting, especially these days, insights and data are more and more significant. Not only is data valuable, but the requirement for continuous, punctual access to data is crucial for the jobsite.

While there’s a big requirement to have regularly updated data, the effort that is necessary to manually collect that data is very time-consuming. That’s part of the reason that integrating tasks with a platform such as Microsoft Power BI is not just a game-changer, but a life saver for your business.

According to Microsoft at their website, Power BI “Bridges the gap between data and decision making.” Power BI enables you to gain clarity on projects with data, in a fast and seamless manner. The software provides visualization tools for team members as well executives to make decisions driven by data.

Microsoft Power BI

As an example, a facilities management division at a major hospital had multiple projects and was in search of better visualizations to provide insight at a faster rate for the multiple projects projects that they have at any given time. With so many projects being managed all at the same time, they required more software to integrate with the systems that they already had. The platform PowerBI was an excellent fit for them.

After implementing the software, the hospital system was able to produce fast snapshots of data from their projects in as little as seconds. Now, they can drill down to particular data and see visualizations on the status of specific projects or all of them simultaneously at a glance.

Since businesses are seeing phenomenal results through the help of PowerBI, we wanted to produce a list of the most significant benefits from this software to show what it brings to the table and explain the benefits that easy visualizations yield to the healthcare industry.

1. Intelligent and dynamic data

One of the biggest advantages of using PowerBI is that the data visuals are dynamic and intelligent. As an example, if you have several graphs and charts pointing out elements for the same project, when you manipulate a single entry in one of them, then all the other charts and graphs with the same entry will respond to this update.

Further, with a system such as PowerBI, you are able to receive up-to-the-minute opportunities for analytics. Since the data regularly refreshes from your data sources, such as Microsoft Excel, you are able to import relative data at any moment or even in a rush.

And if working on several projects in several facilities, then the capability to rely on accurate data that updates is an intelligent advantage.

Power BI Chart


2. Completely customizable visuals

Regardless of project complexity, PowerBI offers you an array of charts, graphs, and models to build a unique visual experience from the data. You can also customize a project with valuable KPIs, timelines, and much more. You even have the opportunity to add your unique company logo or project branding to recognize exactly which dashboard you’re searching for quickly.

3. Advanced filtering for drilling down important factors 

Power BI Data

One of the key benefits from leveraging PowerBI is the advanced filtering on the data visuals to find key measurements and factors that are useful for each project. Hospitals utilize PowerBI for a lot of different projects because they need software that enables them to sort through lots of different types of data to analyze specific elements from every project.

For example, you can filter your data visuals by any key element such as the date, timeline, project owner, status etc. This benefit allows a project owner or a team of analysts to create customized specific reports for executives and project leaders depending on the current task at the moment.

Power BI


4. Integrations with Microsoft Products

You might think PowerBI is an individual entity, but that is not how it works. Power BI is very flexible and can integrate with any projects in a Microsoft product that you use.

Since you probably already house project data in excel, your dashboards in PowerBI seamlessly link to excel queries, models, and reports to effortlessly update your visuals with new methods.

5. Overview snapshots of multiple projects 

PowerBI also provides you with quick snapshots of your data on projects. You can effortlessly set up overviews of reports to highlight main factors like key influencers, timelines, and top segments.

This can also be beneficial for presentations to owners and executives. The ability to present your data visually and quickly is invaluable, especially when adhering to tight deadlines and quick turnarounds. 

Power BI Dashboard

It’s more crucial than ever before to use data in daily operations to stay ahead of the competition. PowerBI can enable you and your team in strategic decision making and make your data more meaningful.

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