The Way to Keep Your Skills Up-to-Date as a Data Scientist


Data science is one of the most lucrative fields in an enterprise. To be a data scientist, you need to keep your skill set fresh. In this post, I intend to explain to you how to do that.

There’s been a 56% uptick in openings at U.S. businesses within the past year for people with data science skills. This makes the role which data scientists currently hold one of the most promising job in America. It even is highly ranked on the list of the best jobs according to U.S. News and World Report.

The value which data scientists bring to their companies positively correlates with the value of data to an organization. With the rise in digital transformation initiatives, data is now more accessible and readily available than ever before. Organizations are turning more and more to data scientists to explain their data and pull business insights from it.

Data scientists are hired by businesses to manage data, interpret what the data means, and solve complicated problems via expertise in various niches of data. To put it simply, data scientists have the skills to extract meaning from data and interpret what the data means by using both methods and tools of machine learning and statistics.

Projects in digital transformation are now crucial to a business’s survival. This means data scientists are vital to the success of companies. With the high demand for these skills comes high salary and high job satisfaction, per a report by Glassdoor. However, data scientists need to stay up-to-date with the latest methods and technology in a constantly-evolving industry.

Most Important Skills for a Data Scientist

The data scientists of today must possess a combo of tech savvy and soft skills.

(1) In technical terms, data scientists need to have working knowledge of SQL. Those are the table stakes for today’s data scientists. (2) Next after that, a data scientist should possess working knowledge of the most widely used programming languages for performing analysis of data and implementing machine learning algorithms are Python and R. To excel at the career, data scientists should know how to incorporate the best practices from software engineering into their programming (such as testing, version control, and continuous integration). The data scientists with the biggest impact in their companies are the ones who not only have strong technical skills, but also communicate with empathy and clarity in order to work effectively as a part of cross-functional teams.

Keeping Your Skills in Data Science Up-to-Date

Here’s how to keep your skills up-to-date:

Read, read, read

It’s important for data scientists to read journals, blogs, and professional news about the latest their developments in their field. I read academic papers that discuss advances in machine learning methods, but I also look at practical, impactful information on rapidly-changing tech in blogs on data science. Reading a lot of blogs helps me tremendously to stay ahead of the curve.

Education is crucial in data science to stay ahead of the curve. Data scientists must continually seek to educate themselves. It’s vital.

2. Conferences

This data science education can also come via attending conferences, in which data scientists meet peers and network to gain insight from the different experiences of those peers.

Data scientists share knowledge with each other across domains and industries. Data scientists share this knowledge in a variety of ways such as via coding tutorials, reflections on their methodologies and processes, and by giving presentations at conferences. Conferences are a good way to learn about the latest trends in data science.

3. Online networking

Social media is a quick and easy tool that you can use for staying up-to-date on the latest trends. Whether it’s finding a list of best practices, look through job openings, or reading a post on social media about new skills, many busy professionals tell others about their interests in places such as LinkedIn and Twitter, which makes those places a good starting point if you want to stay informed.

These practices are constantly evolving, so keeping up-to-date regarding the latest findings and trends will drive the development of your career and increase your professional success.

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