How to Create Buy-in for a Business Project

No matter how brilliant your idea is…or how much of a visionary you are…ultimately, you need the help of other people to transform your business. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that if you’re a leader then it’s because you got results through other people.

Authoritarian style is an ancient relic.

We don’t live in a world where you can topple everything down, storm off and automatically be taken seriously. If people don’t know what your idea is, then it won’t come to fruition. You need to create buy-in for your idea. Leaders live in a complex web of relationships in which other people agreed with them that their idea is worth believing in and accomplishing.

Creating buy-in is a must.

One of the ongoing challenges that you will face in life is creating buy-in with people. You need people around you who will take on your idea with enthusiasm and carry it to the finish line.

How will you make it happen? How will you create buy-in?

This isn’t going to happen by itself. We intend to present to you some ideas of how to make it happen. Here they are…

Steps to Creating Buy-In

  1. Determine what you want. Before you can present your idea, you must have a clear and concise vision to explain.
  2. Know what you can sacrifice. Without knowing what isn’t essential, you aren’t prepared to negotiate. You must know what you have to negotiate with as well as what you want.
  3. Prepare to explain why this will benefit the audience. If they don’t stand to gain anything and don’t believe that they will benefit, then they aren’t likely to support you.
  4. Prepare for push-back on your ideas. Be ready to address any concerns that they may have.
  5. Understand who you’re trying to persuade. Make note of what they say. Be prepared to adapt your approach based on what they want.
  6. Be clear about what you have to offer. Get to know the people you want to persuade. The sometimes unspoken question that they have on their minds is “What do I get from this?”

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