How to Launch Your Career as Data and Analytics Manager

There are several steps to take in order to successfully become a manager of data science and analytics. The following list of steps will help make that possible:

Step 1) Get a Bachelor’s Degree

Earning a bachelors is the first step to becoming a data science and analytics manager. It’s preferable however not essential to pick one of the following majors: statistics, computer science, information systems, or business administration. I’ve seen successful managers in this industry come from other undergraduate backgrounds, but these ones will certainly give you a leg up in the field.

Step 2) Get some experience in analytics

This experience is crucial. It’s preferable to get as much of the experience as possible within the industry in which you would like to manage; however, it’s not the end of the world if your experience is from another industry. It’s helpful also to gain experience in analytics via side projects in analytics on areas that interest you if you’re not currently working as a full time employee in that field. One way to do this would be through consulting. Another way to achieve this would be through open-source projects.

Step 3) Obtain professional certifications

Sometimes, jobs will ask for these. Other times, jobs may not care. Particularly useful certifications would be from software, industry, or management certifications. Again, these may or may not be necessary.

Step 4) Become promoted to data manager

After obtaining experience as a data analyst or database developer, you can pursue jobs as a data manager. This job typically requires database design skills and at least one year of experience working within this field.

Step 6) Earn a masters or doctorate

A graduate degree is preferred in managerial positions. This role involves a lot of team leadership and project management skills. The best path would be to go for an MBA or masters in that industry; however, masters in other fields are a possibility as well, such as math, stats, comp sci, or info systems. An MBA that focuses on info systems or a masters in that industry (ie MPH for health care).

Step 7) Apply to jobs as a data science and analytics manager

Basically, once you have the credentials, then apply for the job.

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