How Using Azure Data Services Enhances Your Business

Data is a part of everything that we do. It propels the modern internet forward when you’re searching Google, purchasing something, or connecting with others on social media. Without data, our applications wouldn’t run the way they do. There is a perpetual, always-growing thirst for more data, which in turn means now moreover it’s available than ever before — as well as a demand for business solutions to deal with data as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

1. Azure Data Services offers services to assist you with a range of needs

Azure can assist you with your databases, machine learning, analytics, and much more. Data is at the heart of all of these services, but no worries cause Microsoft’s got everything covered. Whether you prefer a SQL Server or an alternative source, you can receive support for those needs via Azure Data Services.

2. Azure Data Services are created to make your business run more efficiently

Microsoft has been centered on platforms and services that are UI-based as long as Visual Basic has been available. The notion of low code is becoming more and more popular these days. Typically, there’s almost no value in becoming slowed down in the development of software for business applications when an alternative can be readily achieved via low code solutions. Instead, companies will utilize Microsoft’s Azure Data Services and Microsoft’s Power Platform. This enables clients to focus on business needs and use cases of Azure Data Services instead of spending all of their time coding.

3. Easy maintenance is at the heart of the business model for Azure Data Services

It’s one-and-done to build a data solution or app to solve a business need; however, businesses don’t always consider the human effort and expense required to maintain and expand a business solution. With solutions that involve a lot of coding, it tends to be a big time drain to keep things integrated and updated, which is a big waste of time and money that could be spent elsewhere instead. Microsoft takes the time burden out of things for you by providing a low-code alternative, which the Data Factory’s prebuilt connectors.

4. The creators of Azure Data Services value integration which is why it’s so easy to integrate Azure with your other products and software

Data is vital in the healthcare industry. It’s important to know what patients need and how to address those needs. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is a wonderful example of the service integration solutions that are offered by Microsoft through Azure. This cloud is specific to healthcare and utilizes the following: Office 365, Azure Data Services, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform, which shows the way that these applications can work together for a company.

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