How to Make More with Data Science?

Da’ Intro

Having the perf side hustle that pulls in tons of money with little effort would be straight up boss. Naw mean fam? Passive income always feels amazing. For some, it eliminates debts and for others it’s the power to finally have that private island.

Now, you might be someone who is comfortable in the role that you have or are looking to become a data scientist. Either way, these ideas are straight up boss status. We gon’ get this. I suggest you certainly upskill yourself and earn a good side income. It pays to be a boss.

Da’ Facts: Monetize Sets of Data And Expose Your Models Via APIs

All the real money is made by the big fish. That’s just facts. That doesn’t mean that you should stop from becoming a big shot in this industry.

The best thing to do would be to identify niche problems that big firms aren’t worried about solving.

Clean up the data and sell the idea to your ideal customers. These would be people who can’t afford their own data science teams but can at least afford to pay for analytics.

Da’ Facts: Make a Blog About Your Skills

People will listen to you if you can help solve their problems. This also helps to establish you as a thought leader in your industry. You would make money by getting ad dollars while also presenting yourself to potential future employers.

Another reason that blogs help is because you will learn more skills as you do research. This can also increase your future earning when you’re more knowledge about the industry in which you work.

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