Top Businesses to Work at as a Data Science Professional

Do you work as a Data Scientist, are trying to find a job as a Data Scientist, or are switching careers to Data Science and would like to know where it would be best to work? If any of those is the case, then this post will provide you with insight on the best placed to work as a data science professional aside from just going to work for one of the traditional tech firms.

As you know, a lot of data science professionals would be thrilled to join one of the traditional tech businesses that are the widely known as FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google). These businesses are at the forefront of advances in data science. As a result, a Data Scientist could gain a lot of knowledge by working at one of those businesses for a couple years.

However, per a report from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the demand for skills with data will rise, and there will be close to 11.5 million positions open for data science professionals by 2026 [1]. There will be such a plethora of opportunities in data science (which includes jobs for software engineers and machine learning engineers) that they will not need to only work at FAANG companies. As a result, there’s a list of firms in the tech sector which will have the potential to offer a unique career in Data Science. The list is a combo of The Great Place to Work’s rank for tech companies and results found on Glassdoor.

Large Companies

  • SalesForce
  • Adobe

Medium & Small Companies

  • Tanium
  • OpenAI
  • FoundationSP
  • Gearset


The demand continues to increase for professionals with data science skills. More firms rely on insight from data to enhance their products, services, and business. Data Scientists looking for job opportunities do not (and should not) need to rely only on FAANG to begin their career. There’s a lot of tech businesses of different sizes that can provide a unique professional (and learning) experience.

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