Difference Between a Data Mart and a Data Warehouse

In the process of spinning out data analytics, people typically want data to be easy to access and readily available. It’s impossible for that to happen with a data warehouse, which requires complex queries to access data for even simple reports. This difficulty is why data savvy businesses would like to utilize a Data Mart for access and storage of their data. The idea behind a Data Mart is that it stores a subset of data that serves the needs of a particular department, instead of all of the data for an entire company.

This helps company to make it easier for the people in that particular department to extract actionable insights from data. This method is of great benefit to the staff in that department. In today’s post, the goal is for you to gain in-depth knowledge of the process of creating a Data Mart.

Data Marts are subsets of a data warehouse and pertain to specific departments or groups of people in a business.

Data Marts focus on single functional units within a large company. They are normally controlled by the departments which they are for in an organization. A data warehouse gathers data from multiple sources, but a Data Mart collects data from just one or a few sources.

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