The Best Spot on the Web to Find Freelance Data Science Jobs


Part of why people are drawn to Data Science is the enormous amount of hype surrounding the what a Data Scientist can do or maybe it’s simply the huge salary. Who ultimately knows what draws people to the job? Either way, jobs as a Data Scientist are very, very competitive. In some cases, there were recruiters who received over three hundred applications for an individual role within one week!

I advocate for full-time employment to learn how businesses function and gain valuable experience, but I am aware that it can at times take more than a year and a half to get a full-time job. I don’t know what people do to get through waiting that long without full-time work, but for me, I did not have that option. As a result, I did consulting work on the side.

Of course businesses want to hire Data Scientists and will invest tons of money into creating teams of data professionals, but occasionally a task may come up on a project that an internal employee cannot do. For this reason, businesses have turn to freelance data professionals to help them and save money (but you still receive a big compensation as a freelancer).

Here’s a list of the top places to freelance along with some details:


Per their Wikipedia page, Upwork has about 5 million client accounts and about 18 million people listed with Upwork from whom you can hire. This list of clients looking for help ranges from small start-ups firms to massive businesses such as Microsoft. There‘s big variety in the daily postings of freelance work from which you can choose, and you can even filter the postings based on your current abilities. I definitely recommend using this website to find some freelance work.

You could also be like me and “knock on every door” (not literally, I called and emailed them) in the search results for “data scientist jobs” in town looking for analytics freelance work. I eventually got hired to do some freelance work by a few places.

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