Guide to Using Twitter for Your Tech Blog


As you might already know, tech firms have a difficult time engaging their audience with social media. As a result, this impacts how much social media can benefit you so that traffic is driven towards your blog. There even seems to be concern that tech is too boring and mundane to be an engaging subject on social media. There are however some key ways that you can utilize social media platforms to your benefit if you have a tech blog.

1. Use short, useful tweets

Especially if you’re referring to a complicated subject, concise bite-sized tweets help get a point across more easily are more likely to grab people’s attention. A long-winded tweet might overwhelm the reader.

2. ‘I’ instead of ‘we’

One way to be more relatable and personal is through tweeting from one person’s perspective, instead than talking as an entire company. This also adds a human presence to your tweets.

It’s easy for a one-man show to do this. You might be doing this already. If you’re speaking on behalf of a company, this might require more attention to ensure that you write tweets that are relatable to individual readers.

3. Think of Twitter as you make posts on your blog

When adding content, you should be imagining how you are going to promote it. You might add your new post on your Twitter account quite a few times. If you add the same accompanying text each time, then people seeing your post in their main feed might start to ignore your posts.

Add snappy one-liners that change it up each time so that people are excited to read about what you’re posting. They’ll recognize it as something different and be more inclined to read about it. Try to include the best pieces of your articles in your tweets.

4. Use graphics instead of statistics

Aah, data. If you work in the tech sector, then you probably deal with tons of it. It then is logical for some of the data to be on your Twitter account. Make it more digestible for those seeing your tweets. The average person would prefer graphics instead of tweets to understand what you’re explaining to them. Also, it gets the point across faster.

5. Make use of Twitter lists

After you find people, who fit your target audience on Twitter or simply people who you want to interact with more, make a private list so that you can send content to their feed that would be interesting to them.

6. Use hashtags that relate to your tweets

Before we dive into using hashtags, it’s important to avoid abusing the hashtag. In tech, a lot of people use tons of hashtags in every tweet, thinking it will expand the reach of their content.

This does not actually help. People will not automatically find your tweet related to their interests because you used a hashtag.

7. Use photos and videos in tweets

Whether you’re in an event, at your office, or at home doing some work. Use Twitter to update your followers via photos and videos that express your personality. People love to see photos and videos of what interests them.

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