Tools in Data Science: SAS


There’s a bunch of tools to use as a professional in data science. Each tool has its respective strengths and weaknesses. One of those tools is SAS.


It’s one of the tools that is specifically designed for use in data science projects and statistical operations. SAS is a closed source software that is leveraged by large companies to perform analysis of their data. SAS uses a programming language known as base SAS programming language in order to do statistical modeling.

It’s used by a lot of professionals in data science at large companies because of its reliability and customer service support. There are a lot of statistical libraries and tools within SAS for a Data Scientist to leverage to organize data and do statistical modeling.

Although SAS is reliable and comes with strong support, its very expensive and is only relied on by larger businesses. Also, SAS is not as powerful as some open-source tools.

Additionally, there are packages and libraries in SAS that are not offered in the base version of SAS and need an expensive upgrade.

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