Tools in Data Science: R Studio


There’s a bunch of tools at your fingertips to use for the purpose of data science. Every data science tool has its own pros and cons. One such data science tool is R Studio.

R Studio

There are several advantages to using R Studio for data science. These advantages include (but are not limited to):

  • R Studio was developed to facilitate writing data science programming scripts.
  • R Studio makes it easy to visualize and interact with objects that have been stored in your environment.
  • R Studio enables you to set a working directory as well as access files that are stored on your computer.
  • R Studio facilitates the creation of graphics for casual data science programmers.
  • R Studio is free to use and open source.

The disadvantages of R Studio are as follows:

  • R Studio has a weak origin; it shares its origin with an older language know as “S”. In other words, it’s base package does not include support for such things as 3D or dynamic graphics.
  • R Studio is not equipped for handling big sets of data because data is stored in the physical memory of your personal computer.
  • R Studio does not have good security, which restricts it from being embedded in web applications.
  • There is a steep learning curve in order to work with R Studio, which restricts the ability of people to work with it.

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