Tools in Data Science: MapReduce


There’s so many tools at your fingertips to analyze data. Each one of these tools has its respective pros and cons. One of these such tool is MapReduce.

Benefits of MapReduce

Among the advantages of working with MapReduce is the benefit of being able to work with large sets of structured and unstructured data simultaneously.

Another benefit to working with MapReduce is the ability to work with data in parallel to process a job faster.

Another advantage to using MapReduce is that you can get results very quickly even when working with a small amount of memory.

Further, MapReduce is an excellent tool to leverage for computational and graph-based problems such as Geospatial Query problems.

Weaknesses of MapReduce

MapReduce is not recommended for processing real time data.

MapReduce is also not recommended for doing tasks without a parallel processing nature to the task.

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