The Unspoken Rules of Promotions: Your Personal Brand Matters

Dealing with workforce turnover is expensive for companies. Turnover is more costly for businesses than offering the average promotion to employees. According to current research, the average cost to a business to find a replacement for someone who leaves a company is 21% of that employee’s yearly pay . Further, per research from Glassdoor, staying at a company in the same role for too long increases the probability of employee turnover at that company. Keeping these points in mind these points while acknowledging that we have a job seeker-first economy, it might be proper time to discuss a promotion with your employer.

Although thinking about your next career move might feel easy, there are certain things to keep in mind while making career moves. There’s some unspoken rules behind getting a promotion.

Make a bookmark of this webpage and carefully read this guide to make sure you succeed. Here are the unspoken rules in the game of getting promoted.

Rule #2: The Personal Brand that you Develop is Important

Today, it’s not just crucial to excel in your role, but it’s also vital to properly become visible to the key stakeholders . However, that does not involve being a suck up to the person for whom you work. What’s important is that you establish yourself as an expert on your subject matter to be looped into key events at work, and make sure that the top people at work seek your guidance. It’s about generating value and being relevant at your company. Proactively communicate with others at work.

Connect with the leaders of your organization who do work that’s related to your field and can assist your professional growth. For example, if you’re interested in becoming a thought leader in marketing, you should connect with the VP of marketing, or the CMO. It would not be productive for you to try connecting with the head of IT or chief technology officer instead.

Ask if you can set up a 15-30 minute meeting with them on their calendar to learn more about the role that they fulfill. In such meetings, briefly describe your achievements, background, and the ambitions that you have. Also, offer to assist with any of the projects on which they work.

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