The Unspoken Rules of Promotions: Check for the Signs


Workforce turnover is an expensive problem that many businesses face. This problem costs more to businesses than offering the employees that leave the average promotion. Research from the latest surveys argues that the average loss to the company from turnover is about 21% of what an employee earns every year. Further, Glassdoor’s studies demonstrate that staying in the same role for too long in the rate of turnover of employees at a company. Keeping these details in mind and noting that this market is one that caters to job seekers, now might actually be the proper time to talk about a promotion with your boss.

While it might feel simple enough to come up with a game plan to make the next move of your career, it’s important to keep in mind key details to make the transition. There are vital unspoken rules to the art of getting promoted.

Mark this page and carefully read it to improve how successful you are at becoming promoted.

Rule #4: Check for the Signs

Working in a professional role that challenges and engages you is a necessity of job fit. Being a savvy managers means being conscious of this, and making the professional development of team members a priority.

A key sign that your boss is thinking of promoting you is that they will give you a stretch assignment. It shows that those in charge acknowledge your skillset and diligence as well as have confidence in your ability to reach the next level. A stretch assignment could be intentionally made to advance employees who are talented, or a result of the organization’s growth, a position that suddenly and unexpectedly becomes vacant, or might be from a new initiative or product.”

Regardless why you received a nod, you will know when you see a stretch assignment because the assignment will appear to be a little lofty. The project should aid you in one or more of these areas: develop skills that are new to you, improve the visibility you have at your organization, test a new geography or discipline, or get experience doing something new such as managing people which you haven’t previously done. While you may feel overwhelmed at first: Those in charge will only request you to take on a stretch assignment that they are confident that you can handle and will help you to develop your skills.

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