What’s up with R?

What are the advantages of using R?

  • It’s easy for someone to learn. You don’t need to be a coding genius.
  • There’s a ton of packages for analytics, statistical and graphics purposes which are free and open-source. Free is awesome! 😁
  • Tons of academic papers make use of R. This makes staying on the cutting edge of academic advances in data science easier.
  • All the cool kids are using it. 😉
  • R can be integrated with other statistical programming languages
  • There’s a ton of people who are skilled and knowledgeable on R to turn to if you need help.

What are the limits of R? Like…what can’t this bad boy do?

  • R won’t beat C++ at the 500 meter
  • Security is an issue for R.
  • R is not the best at management of computer memory.
  • R has a large a lot of namespaces. There are occasionally way too many. They’re working on this.
  • R is not intuitive like Python. The reason is that R is a programming language for people in statistics, instead of the average programmer.
  • It’s difficult to make object-oriented programs in R.

What can you install R on? Is there a list of operating systems that will work with it?

  • Windows (first and foremost)
  • Mac (because of course)
  • Ubunto
  • SLES
  • Fedora
  • Debian
  • OpenSUSE